Your Breakup Reversed - Get Your Man Back

Have you lost your man to a breakup? Now you are heartbroken and confused, you thought the two of you had a good thing going and the breakup caught you off guard. It's no comfort, but you are one of millions around the world suffering from a breakup of a relationship. Maybe you want to get your man back with your breakup reversed.

Lets say you let some time go by that you used to get over your heartbreak and got your emotions back in order. You did not bother your ex with phone calls or send text messages, you know he needs time to get over the breakup too. Now, if you think you were the cause of this breakup, you might call him and apologize for your actions. No need for a long conversation unless he keeps you on the phone, otherwise make it really short and say you have to go.

That would be a good opening move to break the ice with your ex. Now you need to be able to talk to him again, and hopefully he will call you. If not you may see him when you go out if you hang out in the same places. You need to make yourself look better than he remembers you so you attract his curiosity for you, you want to make him come to you.

It could take awhile before the two of are a couple again so don't rush it, let it happen naturally. Remember why you broke up in the first place and do not let that happen again and avoid any conversation that will remind either of you of any bad times.