How to Handle a Boyfriend That Needs More Space

Your boyfriend has suddenly left you catching you off guard and he tells you he just needs some time to himself. You are probably trying to figure out why this happened and are searching for some un-seen reason. It may be he really just need to be to himself for a while or maybe there are some family issues he needs to deal with. Or he is scared to make a commitment with you and does not know how to handle it.

The best thing for you to do is let him have his space so he can sort out whatever it is that is bothering him. Pressuring him to find out why he left is not the way for you to go. It will only make him pull further away from you. If you feel he truly loved you give him a week or two then maybe send him a quick friendly text message to simply say hi. You do not want to overwhelm him, just a reminder that you are out there and for him to keep in his thoughts.

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If he eventually shows some interests in him you can pick up the conversation a little more to get a feeling in his interest level. If you start to get some positive signals then you can open up more to him letting him know how you feel without looking desperate. If his signals are pointing the other way then give him his space and let things happen naturally. You can take these as the beginning steps to getting your boyfriend back.