How Can You Stop a Break Up

If you are going through a break up, you may be looking for a solution to your situation. Are you trying to find out how to cope or maybe how to get back together with your ex? If your desire is to re-unite with your ex, there are methods and techniques you can use. If you go about trying to contact your ex the wrong way you may ruin any chance you may have had. Following proven methods that have worked time and again are the way to go. If you had a book of information to follow, you would be able to operate without guess work and increase your chance of success.

Can You Survive a Break Up

Is there really a secret to ‘Making Up” with a loved one? Have you just gone through a break up or maybe you have just separated and are trying to find out how you can get back together with your boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse? Believe it or not, There actually is a right way and wrong way to go about this. The author of “The Magic of Making Up” uses the term "Magic Words" that you should use to win over someone to get them to come back to you. There are also things that you can say that will keep them away, even if you truly said it with the intention of getting them back, the last thing you do not want to use is the wrong methods.

If you are dealing with a break up you will find proven methods in the book The Magic of Making Up! for more info on how to get your ex back.

Plan a Strategy to Get Back Together

What you must do is plan ahead with a strategy that will make certain you say the right things to get the outcome you desire. If you make your initial contact with your ex with the wrong strategy, you will blow it and you will most likely not succeed. To answer a previous question it would be yes, there is a “Secret to Making Up“. One of the biggest secrets is using the forces of Curiosity and Self Interest. If these two forces are used in combination with the right technique, you will have a very powerful tool to use in the pursuit of Making Up with a loved one.

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Fixing A Broken Relationship

What you must not do is Plead, do not start making phone calls and pleading for them to call you back. Some might try the “Emergency Excuse” were you call and say - "Please call back it's an emergency I need to talk to you" as a way to trick them into calling. When you are in the process of trying to fix a relationship, either of these will backfire when the true motive of the call is discovered. You do not want to look like you are desperate to get them back, just play it cool and take it easy.

"The Magic of Making Up!" is a proven road map that gives you a step-by-step instructions that explains to you exactly what it is that you must do if you want to get your ex back. This guide covers all the steps with a complete strategy to not only get your ex back but keep the two of you together.

“The Magic of Making Up's” author, T.W. Jackson, says that you will discover what looks like very un-conventional methods that you will use, but they work. He also takes into account that men and women are different and has written this tailored for each to be able to use.

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“Curiosity Works” a Tip

Curiosity is a human trait that can be exploited to your advantage. What you want to do is get their curiosity going when you contact them so that they will want to call you. You could say something like you want to thank them for something and would like to do it in person. It needs to be about something that is real, so have your plan down good or you will fail. Their curiosity will want them to find out what you are talking about. This is just one of the many techniques to use, “The Magic of Making Up” makes for a great resource to help you succeed in getting your ex back.