How Do You Deal With Broken Relationship Grief

Getting divorced or breaking up with someone you were in a relationship with can cause a lot of emotional grief. The key to getting better is understanding broken relationship grief and how to deal with it. Just like losing a loved one to death, the grief at loosing a partner by way of a break up can be almost as overwhelming for some.

Even if you are the one that wanted out of this relationship you are going to feel some emotional stress whether you admit it or not. It's how you handle this that will determine your mental well being. Some people feel that going right into another relationship as soon as possible will help make the pain go away, this is not how it works.

There is some rule of thumb that I saw somewhere that says you should take off six months for every five years of being in a relationship. You can adjust that based on your situation. The idea is to give yourself enough time to recover from the last and clear your mind. If you are still grieving from your last relationship how can you function in your new one.

When issues from the last relationship are still clinging to you, you may find yourself with another person that may be like the last. This may not be good if your last partner was not compatible with you. You would be starting your cycle all over again and it would put you back where you started.

Take the time off to clear your mind and enjoy your life, spend time with family and friends and do things to energize you and make you happy. These will help prepare you for meeting someone that may be right for you and make your life the way you had hoped.

To Help You Cope With a Break Up Here is Some Free Advice

When you go experience a break up there can be a lot you have to cope with. Your emotions can be stressed; you can't comprehend why your partner would have left you. Don’t feel as if you are alone, people all over the world experience break ups just like yourself and there are proven ways to help you cope. Below are some free break up advice that can help you to start dealing with your situation.

Keep in mind the person you broke up with may be feeling the same way you do, it is not a one sided deal. They may have a different level of emotional commitment than you and may still care about you. They may have felt that they just did not want to be with you for some reason. You need to quickly get past your pain so you can think about why they may have left you and what can you do to correct it.

It can be said that the majority of people do not like to hurt others, this includes going through a break up. But breaking up a relationship does hurt someone and that person has to deal with it. It's OK to call your friends or family to talk about it. This is part of the healing process and getting it off your chest can help. But do not drag this out too long, you need to get over it and move on. The quicker you can get past this stage the better off you will be so you can decide if you want to try to get your ex back or just move on.