Try This Extreme Measure To Get Your Ex Back

When it comes to getting your ex back to you, too many people go about it all wrong. Many people think they need to aggressively pursue their ex to convince them to come back. This is the wrong way to go about it. You will only make it worse by forcing them to keep away from you.

Important note - do not chase after your ex! Don't send text after text and don't keep calling. And more important, do not stalk your ex girlfriend or she may call the cops. Don't even send flowers or gifts because these will also not work. Doing any of these things will make you look desperate and this is not what you want her to see.

What women like is the alpha type male who is confident and sure of themselves. They don't want a guy that looks desperate or needy and this is not what the alpha male does. If you act like a wimp your ex girlfriend may play games with you to mess around. The more you fall for it the more she will play.

You need to be playing games with her to make her come back to you. Some of these methods may sound underhanded but they can work. When you are with a group that includes her, ignore her and pay attention to the other girls. If she has a close friend there, pay most of your attention with this girl. Your ex will see how charming you can be and think about why your not doing this with her.

To make things even more daring, why not go on a date with one of her friends. You could ask your ex for her opinion as to where to take her for dinner. Yes these tactics are a bit extreme but they can work. If you are the adventurous type give it a try.