Take Responsibility For Your Breakup

If after going through a breakup you find that you were the cause, that would be a good first step towards making an effort to getting your ex back. Taking responsibility for your actions shows a level of maturity and taking corrective action is even better. It would be good for your ex to see that you are taking responsibility.

More than taking responsibility, you must make sure you do not repeat what you did again. If you want your ex to come back, they will surely not want to have a repeat that leads to another breakup. You can apologize but action speaks louder than words, prove your action.

If you are going to attempt to get your ex back do not keep bothering them, give them some space. You need to show that you have changed for the better and are doing OK on your own. After a few weeks you might call your ex to say hi and tell them everything is going OK with you, short conversation is all you need. If they do not answer the phone you could leave a short friendly message but don't keep calling back.

The ball is now in your ex's court to make the next move. If they have been thinking about you, which they probably have been, they may take the next step to meet with you. If you play your cards right, you might be on you way to getting back with them. If you need help with some proven strategies for getting back a loved one, there are some goods books available that you could read for help.